Greetings by C.E.O

Since the foundation of Donghaeng
in 2015, Through continuous
discovery of new businesses
expanded the business areas
And active development,
We have continuously expanded
business areas.

Donghaeng is a company to perpetuate with trading, logistics and KD business.
We have accomplished a significant growth such as the latest acquisition of KD plant and the advancement to sales business of import cars

We have also expanded our business area to the supply business in trading raw materials, agricultural & fishery products, and building materials.
We established branch offices in the major export countries of Africa, South America, Middle East and Singapore and have put an effort to pioneer new markets along with the stable supply of goods and smooth service to our customers.

Donghaeng will do our best to grow into global No.1 general trading corporation that provides best quality and differentiated service with incessant challenge and unquenched passion on the stage of world market.

Thank you.

Donghaeng C.E.O Lee Chi Sung